Two wire alternator hookup

two wire alternator hookup

simple car, but we do plan to add a few accessories to the tried-and-true 1960s GM formula. They say you can replace a fuseable link with a quick-blow fuse, rated 20 higher than the alternator max output, and you should be fine. K707V: 7-1/2 HP single or 3 Phase with load capabilities of 20-40/60-80/100-120. We start by removing the original alternator from our 1964 Chevelle project car. Im running an oven fuse, rated at 30Amps, and Ive never had a problem. Sense, the sense line is a positive input to the alternator, and is meant to be feedback giving reference information on the load of electronics on your car. Not every high-performance project car has all of these modern features, but its important to know that an original charging system cannot keep up when all of those accessories are running. Heavy duty metal cabinet with textured finish (Optional). This car survived more than 50 years with the original charging system, but its time for an upgrade. Its important to remember that any vehicle that is running an aftermarket fuel-injection system or LS engine swap needs an excellent system of grounds to tie the engine to the chassis and the chassis to the body.

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Alternator with One, wire
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Shipping weight 550 lbs. 6/15.Once the alternator is removed we can disconnect the original wiring, including this brittle plastic plug. The installation was extremely simple and we had the new alternator in place after about an hour in the shop. Probably so a bench test gives a nice line, but under real load this does nothing). 700 Series, six 4-1/2" meters: Two voltmeters, displays operating voltage, 0-50  volts displays stator output or additional voltage reading, 0-25 volts. Once again, were using this opportunity to eliminate a potential problem down the road by sticking the belt in our spare parts bin and replacing it with a new one. A quick blow fuse, as is common today, blows with the slightest hint of over-current.

8,140.00. A fuseable link works like a fuse, except its a wire that can take short spikes of overcharging, but remains intact unless a prolonged overcharging burns. 4 Digital meters; 2 voltmeters displays operating voltage stator output additional voltage reading; 2 ammeters displays operating output amperage and field current. Air conditioning is one of the biggest items on our to-do list, and the folks at Vintage Air suggested we upgrade to a high-output alternator. Batt, bATT is the main output charging post on your alternator. Meter digital Bright red indicator light displays ON or OFF mode. If you hooked an oscilliscope to the field wire you would see a square wave, as described above. A and B field circuit. In other words, the field wire will draw a small amount of current, even when the car is off. Twenty-seven most popular, quick connect adapters with convenient mounting rack. As always, any time youre dealing with the electrical system on your classic Chevy, disconnect the battery. 20 Hp motor 3Ph.

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